Monthly Management of Your Google Campaigns

Ongoing monitoring includes:

  • Monitoring Google Ads campaigns adjusting for the following:
    • Performance, including Audits of Impressions, average CPC (cost per click), and specified CPA goals (cost per acquisition or action)
    • Ways to improve website traffic and additional growth tactics
    • Research data collected through Google Ads and Google Analytics looking for ways to get more leads

All Google Ads Campaigns are built with the following tactics:

  • Site Re-Marketing - Bring your audience back! People who have already visited your site are shown our ads again because of interest.
  • In-Market Audience - is able to understand when someone is in the market for your services, as opposed to simply being interested in the category of business.
  • Contextual Targeting - Show ads on sites related to your keywords. Connect with interested consumers at the exact moment they're actively engaged in highly relevant content across the entire Google Display Network.
  • Placement Targeting - Show ads on specific websites that work for members. Placement targeting lets us put our members’ message on exactly those sites.
  • Geographic Targeting - Geographic targeting lets us display our ads by region and postal code.
  • Demographic Targeting - Use demographic targeting to show display ads specifically to those people who are most likely interested in your business.
  • Topic Targeting - Show ads on pages about specific subjects on the Help What Hurts website. Topic targeting is a close cousin to interest categories but based on sites rather than the audience. We pick a topic like back pain, headaches, or fitness, and Google will show your ads on groups of quality sites related to that topic.
  • Interest Categories - Show ads based on user interests. Display ads for an audience whose online behaviors show they share a common interest in health care.

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